Treatments & Massages

Savor a sweet moment
for yourself

Indulge yourself and enjoy the care of an attentive and professional staff

Treatments & Massages

Savor a sweet moment
for yourself

Indulge yourself and enjoy the care of an attentive and professional staff

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Treatments & Massages

Iside Spa offers a wide a range of massages, treatments and wellness experiences carried out by certified professionals.

Respect for the individual is the foundation of our spa experience. Combining both ancient and contemporary techniques, our treatments are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to mind, body and soul.

Spa Hours

Weekdays: 12pm-9pm
Weekend: 10:30am-9pm

Summer closure 2024

Spa:From 7/25 to 8/10 closed


Monday - Thursday 30.00 €
Friday, weekends and holidays 40.00 €
Hotel Victoria guests and kids (4-15 years old)entrance fee waived
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Kids (0-4 years old)not admitted


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  • Body Massages

    Body Massages

    Relaxing massage
    Soft and enveloping manipulations with scented essential oils to free the body and the mind from stress.
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:70 €
    SilverDuration:25 minutesPrice:40 €
    Head, shoulders and neck relaxing massage
    A delicate relaxing massage, to alleviate psychophysical tensions.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:40 €
    Hot stones and crystals massage
    Hot stones carefully placed slowly massage the body. The gradual release of heat yields a deep relaxation. The crystals complete this magical moment with their balancing effects.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:110 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Abhyanga massage
    From the Indian tradition, a massage performed on the whole body with warm oils, to free the chakras and convey well-being to mind, soul and body.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:110 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Californian massage
    Enveloping massage, characterized by slow and fluid manipulations for total physical relaxation.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:110 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Deep Tissue massage
    Massage that acts on the deep muscle bands, reducing tension and increasing elasticity and tone.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:120 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Back decontracting massage
    A soothing massage to ease the psychophysical tensions and to help the natural relaxation of the muscles.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:45 €
    Circulatory massage
    Delicate manipulations with lavender essential oil to stimulate venous circulation.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:70 €
    Lymphatic drainage
    Slow maneuvers reactivate the lymphatic system, favoring the elimination of liquids and toxins.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:110 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Foot reflexology treatment
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:60 €
  • Body Treatments

    Body Treatments by Phytomer

    Tonifiant Scrub – Salt crystal peeling
    An exfoliation with salt crystals paired to a contouring and relaxing massage. An express beauty treatment yielding a soft and silky skin.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:55 €
    Detox Relax – Detoxifying, anti-stress back treatment
    A decontracting contouring massage of the back, of the scalp and of the feet using detoxifying and remineralizing marine products.
    Duration:40 minutesPrice:50 €
    Morpho Designer – Perfect silhouette treatment
    A contouring, nourishing and relaxing treatment resulting from osteopathic techniques. Combined with a deep exfoliation for a smooth and firm skin.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:80 €
    Champagne de Mer – Redox body mask
    The special Boue Marine Autochauffante envelops the whole body, developing a pleasant warmth and producing hydrogen molecules that caress the skin. It has a wide range of actions: it counteracts oxidative stress, it provides drainage, it reactivates the metabolism of fats, it strengthens the microcirculation and it repairs the cells that are aging prematurely.
    Duration:75 minutesPrice:90 €
    Cocoon Remise en forme – Energizing remineralizing water treatment
    The art of modern thalassotherapy in a wrapping mask aimed at the well-being of the mind and of the body paired to a revitalizing massage.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:80 €
    Oligomer Silhouette – Refining contouring treatment
    A complete treatment in 2 phases. First, a specific wrapping is used to drain, slenderize and remineralize the body. This is then followed by a full contouring massage.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:80 €
    P5 Total Body Slimming – With seaweed jam
    A slenderizing treatment for the whole body, combining a tonic massage and an original seaweed wrapping to refine the roundness, reshape and tone up the silhouette.
    Duration:75 minutesPrice:90 €
    P5 Slimming Epaslim
    This treatmets is directed at effectively contrasting all forms of abdominal bloating and adiposity, including the stress-induced fat.
    Duration:75 minutesPrice:90 €
    Sculpt Zone – abdomen – gluteus – thigh impact treatment
    An intensive scrub, a localized massage and the latest generation thermo-modeling wrapping to block the roundness and some of the flaws induced by cellulite in record time.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:85 €
    Total Tonic – Firming Intensive mask
    A highly active gel wrapping that is placed and massaged to strengthen the skin, to relax the tissues, to tone them up and to improve their elasticity.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:70 €
    Light Legs – Specific legs treatment
    A treatment to refresh and tone up to the legs. It improves and tones up both the microcirculation and the skin.
    Duration:40 minutesPrice:50 €

    Body Treatments by Ishi

    Chocolate regenerating treatment
    A rejuvenating and energizing treatment stimulating both the body and the senses through the indulgence of the sweet aromas of cocoa.
    Duration:75 minutesPrice:80 €
    Grapes draining and toning treatment
    A pleasant and perfumed treatment using the vines and its precious fruits to bring a draining and toning effect.
    Duration:75 minutesPrice:80 €

    Iside Scrub

    A multisensorial journey with the fragrances of flowers, fruits and the sea.
    Bora Bora, Fleurs et fruit, Coconut, Grape must, Seaweed and coffee, Moroccan with glove and black soap.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:30 €
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:55 €
  • Face Treatments & Massages

    Face Treatments by Phytomer

    Perfect Visage – Personalized cleaning treatment of the skin
    A treatment with four key steps to give the skin a perfect complexion: cleansing, exfoliation, detoxification and active mask.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:65 €
    Hydra Blue Treatment
    A treatment that combines moisturizing and intense relaxation, pairing products with ultra-sensory textures to a relaxing massage.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:75 €
    Citadine Citylife – Vital and anti-pollution treatment
    A treatment aimed at eliminating pollution from the skin, fighting oxidative stress and reviving the dehydrated face.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:75 €
    Project Jeunesse – Anti-age treatment for wrinkle correction, firming
    A series of targeted interventions to regenerate the skin and reduce wrinkles.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:85 €
    Perfect Regard – Smoothing eye contour treatment
    A specific treatment to revitalize and tone up this delicate area. A succession of specific maneuvers and ophthalmologically tested produts for a perfect eye contour.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:30 €
    Duration:40 minutesPrice:50 €
    Reflexotermal option
    This treatment pairs the application of the Boue Marine Autochauffante on paravertebral musculature to specific motions and maneuvres resulting in a feeling of relaxation and a toned up skin.
    Duration:15 minutesPrice:20 €

    Express treatments

    Mini customized facial
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:35 €
  • Beauty Services

    Beauty Services

    Express Manicure
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:25 €
    Esthetic manicure with normal polish OPI
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:35 €
    Esthetic manicure with semi-permanent polish OPI
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:45 €
    Pedicure Express
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:35 €
    Esthetic pedicure with normal polish OPI
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:45 €
    Esthetic pedicure with semi-permanent polish OPI
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:55 €
    Application/removal of normal polish OPI
    Price:10 €
    Semi-permanent polish application OPI
    Price:30 €
    Semi-permanent polish removal
    Price:15 €
    Body epilation
    Price:5 - 60 €

    Hands and feet wellness

    Spa manicure with scrub and application of a nourishing mask
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:50 €
    Spa pedicure with scrub and application of a nourishing mask
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:50 €

    Fast treatments

    Feet bliss
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:35 €
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