Treatments & Massages

Savor a sweet moment
for yourself

Indulge yourself and enjoy the care of an attentive and professional staff

Treatments & Massages

Savor a sweet moment
for yourself

Indulge yourself and enjoy the care of an attentive and professional staff

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Treatments & Massages

Iside Spa offers a wide a range of massages, treatments and wellness experiences carried out by certified professionals.

Respect for the individual is the foundation of our spa experience. Combining both ancient and contemporary techniques, our treatments are designed to bring balance and equilibrium to mind, body and soul.

Spa Hours

Adults: Weekdays: 12pm-9pm
Weekend: 10:30am-9pm
Monday: closed
Kids (4-15): Weekdays: 3pm-5pm
Weekend: 10:30am-12pm
Monday: closed

Christmas 2019

Open every day from December 21st, 2019 to January 6th, 2020.

Adults: 10:30am-9pm
Kids (4-15): 10:30am-12pm


Tuesday - Friday 12:00-17:00 30.00 €
Tuesday - Friday 17:00-21:00 40.00 €
Weekends and holidays 10:30-21:00 40.00 €
Hotel Victoria guestsentrance fee waived
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Kids (4-15 years old)admitted during kids hours
Kids (0-4 years old)not admitted


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  • Body Massages

    Body Massages

    Relaxing massage
    Soothing and enveloping motions with essential oils for those who want to free their body and mind from stress and fatigue.
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:70 €
    SilverDuration:25 minutesPrice:40 €
    Head, neck and shoulders relaxing massage
    A soft massage and an alchemy of essential oils bring a soothing relaxing effect in the main center of psychophysical tensions.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:40 €
    Hot stones and crystals massage
    A commemoration of old traditions. Hot stones carefully placed slowly massage the body. The gradual release of heat yields a deep relaxation. The crystals integrate this magical moment with their balancing effects.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:100 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Ayurveda massage
    Born out of the indian tradition, this massage is carried out with warm oils on the body, head and face. The energy centers, chakras, are freed giving well being to the mind, body and soul.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:100 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Hawaiian massage
    A massage that relaxes the body rejuvenating its energy. The hands and the forearms dance on the body to the rythm of Hawaiian music.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Balancing massage
    A very enveloping massage, characterized by slow and fluid motions that induce a total physical relaxation and the release of mental tiredness and that lead to a deep inner tranquility.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:100 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Intensive relaxing and toning massage
    A treatment acting in depth on the muscles to reduce chronic tensions and to enhance their elasticity and tone.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Back decontracting massage
    A soothing massage to ease the psychophysical tensions and to help the natural relaxation of the muscles.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:45 €
    Tone up sports massage
    A massage designed to warm up the muscles, getting them ready for sport.
    Duration:40 minutesPrice:70 €
    Muscle relaxing massage
    An intensive treatment ideal for fatigued muscles. Perfect after and intense day of sport or work.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Argan oil massage
    From the wisdom of Moroccan women, a highly emollient oil with an antioxidant action ideal for skins requiring a deep hydration.
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    SilverDuration:25 minutesPrice:50 €
    Hemolymphatic massage
    Delicate motions with essential lavander oil to improve the blood flow and to yield a beneficial effect against cellulitis.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:70 €
    Manual lymphatic drainage - Method by Dr. Vodder
    Slow motions reactivate the lymphatic system. This treatment helps getting rid of excess liquids and toxins giving a pleasant lightness feeling.
    PlatinumDuration:80 minutesPrice:100 €
    GoldDuration:50 minutesPrice:80 €
    Specific for legsDuration:50 minutesPrice:70 €
  • Body Treatments

    Body Treatments

    Chocolate regenerating treatment
    A rejuvenating and energizing treatment stimulating both the body and the senses through the indulgence of the sweet aromas of cocoa.
    Duration:80 minutesPrice:75 €
    Grapes draining and toning treatment
    A pleasant and perfumed treatment using the vines and its precious fruits to bring a draining and toning effect.
    Duration:80 minutesPrice:75 €
    Tropical energy
    Mango and passion fruit to nurture and yield a silky skin with scrub, a soft mask and a massage.
    Duration:80 minutesPrice:75 €
    Tropical scrub
    A deep skin refreshment with a scrub using sea salts, mango and passion fruit. The treatment is completed by a pleasant massage, resulting in soft, silky and rejuvenated skin.
    Duration:50 minutesPrice:55 €
    Moroccan treatment
    A scrub with black Moroccan soap and Kassa glove, frictions with rose water, a purifying and nurturing mask with Rassoul and an energizing massage with Argan oil.
    Duration:80 minutesPrice:80 €
    Dermo-reducing treatment
    A contouring and slimming treatment with green coffee made of a scrub, a mask and a massage resulting in uniform and smooth skin.
    Duration:80 minutesPrice:75 €
    Thalasso draining treatment
    A treatment using the superb benefits of sea water for a deep cleansing and the richness in salts and vitamins of sea weeds to enhance the disposal of toxins. Final massage with balm to gain consistency and tone.
    Duration:80 minutesPrice:75 €
    Body scrubs
    Body scrub using one of the following: grape must, jojoba granules, sea salts, mango and passion fruit, moroccan (black soap and kassa glove)
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:30 €
    Hands and feet treatment
    A true pampering of your hands and feet. Our full attention for a meticulous manicure or pedicure, followed by warm compresses and highly hydrating treatments and completed by the application of nail polish.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:50 €
  • Face Treatments & Massages

    Face Treatments

    Anti-ageing treatment
    Ideal for mature or young skins, it softens small wrinkles and expression lines.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:80 €
    Moisturizing treatment
    A treatment bringing an intense hydration and new turgidity to the skin.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:65 €
    Soothing treatment
    A treatment appropriate for the most sensitive and reactive of skins.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:65 €
    Rebalancing treatment
    A treatment appropriate for skins with impurities and imperfections, leaving it clear, clean and fresh.
    Duration:60 minutesPrice:65 €
    Eye contour treatment
    A rejuvenating and brightening treatment with results that are both immediately apparent and durable in time.
    Duration:40 minutesPrice:50 €

    Face Massages

    Draining massage
    Expert hands envelope face, neck and shoulders in a succession of motions aimed at enhancing the microcirculation and at mitigating the swellings, favoring the disposal of toxins.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:40 €
    Toning massage
    A massage remodeling and relaxing the face enhancing the skins energy to restore its elasticity and its consistency.
    Duration:25 minutesPrice:40 €
  • Beauty Services

    Beauty Services

    WaxingFrom 5 € to 60 €
    Facial cleansing55 €
    Manicure25 €
    Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish45 €
    PedicureFrom 35 to 45 €
    Pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish55 €
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